GSTorrent -- The Client

The development of a better client stated. Below are two screenshot of the current version 0006.

The image below shows the table of currently active torrents. Most parts of this part of the user interface should be self-explaining. There are buttons to add a torrent, to remove a torrent and to pause a torrent. The table has columns, which show the filename of the torrent, the number of known peers and seeds. the progress in percent, download and upload rate, the status of a torrent and the current ratio. The green line below shows the connection status of the gui client to the GSTorrent server. If green it is connected, if red it is not. It shows also to which server the client is connected.

The only part, which needs minimum explanation is the error message window. Of course it shows error messages. Actually it shows the error history of the server. When the client is not connected, the server naturally cannot send its messages. Therefore all error messages are put on a stack and are delivered as soon as a client connects. The delivery does not empty the stack, since it might be possible that more than one client connects and wants to see the error history. The 'clear' button clears the error screen and tells the server to emtpy its error stack.


The second image shows the server configuration menu. It allows to connect and disconnect to a server, kill a server and set up- and download rates. The list to the left contains known servers. Since this version should not be used over an unsecured line it is not that usefull at the moment. But later it will allow to admin different servers on different machines. The check box labeled 'default start' toggles the start behaviour. If checked the client tries to connect to the same server it was connected when the box was checked at startup.
The buttons 'get settings' and 'set settings' get/set all current settings from and to the server. There will be more, but currently the only settings are the download and upload speed limit.

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